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Note about roller brush maintenance
Edit:Tongcheng Yao days of the brush Limited   UpDate:2017-05-10

When selecting a roller sleeve, note that plastic or phenolic sleeves are easier to use than thin cardboards because it is tight on the stand, industrial brushes are especially reusable drums; Seams, which can reduce the chance of appearances on the surface; flexible suede sets after being squeezed can remain unchanged.

Brush roll in the plate with hot galvanized, pickling, color coating and other production lines play a pivotal role. Iron and steel industry in the brush roller production process are mainly spiral wound, within the welding assembly, screw-type brush-type assembly. Brush wire generally uses a diameter of 0.5 nylon wire or abrasive nylon twisted wire. In the case of the life cycle, the bite-type brush roller is dominated by a single brush sleeve, a key, a brush roller, and an end plate for the integral brush roll assembly.

Nylon bristles are made into a single brush sleeve, which is combined with a single brush sleeve and pressed on the roller of the brush roll. After fixing the end plate and the end plate, the industrial brush has a fine outer edge For overall turning. It has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design and long service life. It can increase the number of single-chip brush cover installed on the effective length of the brush roller, and then fill the bristles with high density and improve the cleaning quality. After the overall brush roll assembly, the outer radius of the nylon brush roller is trimmed and polished to improve the use of the roller roll balance.

Spring brush for glass machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery, steel industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical machinery, electronics industry, packaging machinery, printing machinery, home appliances, doors and windows, furniture, tobacco machinery, food machinery , Drinks, fruits, vegetables, sanitation and environmental protection, and other industries products cleaning, dust, polishing, sealing, water and high temperature strip conveyor.

Spring brush is widely used: LCD industry: LCD glass substrate cleaning spring brush roller, plate brush, etc. PCB industry: PCB cleaning spring brush roller, brush, brush and brush roller.


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