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paint brush manufacturers paint brush production equipment common faults and troubleshooting methods
Edit:Tongcheng Yao days of the brush Limited   UpDate:2017-05-23

"No highlight_0.5878210964853883"> 4 brush head easy to penetrate the mechanical storage building. Mountain wedge tightening screws, brush head tight, Shan cut the brush thickness of different, Shan brush head can not get drum type (central bulge), if it is a roller, then there is a gap between the brush and the brush head.

5, frequency control instability. Use the rotary adjustment switch is likely to adjust the damage to the switch, refer to "manual function parameter table" and modify the parameters, F0 00 F0 00 can be modified, use the up and down keys to set the speed.

6, the machine just started to sound is not normal. The mountain may be missing phase, check the circuit, the mountain control contactor, the voltage is unstable, easy to damage the contactor, vacuum in contact, also easily lead to bad contact, dust removal or replacement contactor.

7. Machine travel. Check the circuit one by one, it is possible to have a motor exhausted short circuit. Note the missing phase, the most easily damaged engine.