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What are the uses of industrial brushes?
Edit:Tongcheng Yao days of the brush Limited   UpDate:2017-06-01

<span style="white 1, the textile industry: products are stereotypes brush brush, grinding machine brush, the machine is: brush machine comb, card machine brush, brown brush, textile machine brush, grinding brush, polished cloth wheel and so on. the use of industrial brushes what are the hair burner dedicated brush roller, the use of bristles or nylon, such as brush wire material, roller round steel + injection, woven fabric has a lot of redundancy fluffy, the use of plush roller is brush these extra fluffy out, in the brush under the open fire will be fluffy burned. 2, leather shoes: leather and vamps of the polishing, waxing, oil, the general use of small cloth round, horse, sisal and other brush round. 3, the ceramic industry: glaze brush, in the solid ebony core, white or black plastic brush, ceramic tile and other ceramic products for the surface of the glaze  4, glass industry: industrial brush washing machine brush, edging machine brush, sponge round water absorption agent. glass cleaning machine brush roller, roll for the round steel, bristles for the nylon material, such as the need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, you must use all the stainless steel brush roller to prevent corrosion, the general use of the brush mechanism to become a brush, and then on the drum spiral welding, suction roller, industrial brushes are made of high density hydrophilic hydrophilic sponge, good water absorption, fast drying, water droplets for the surface of the glass for a comprehensive rapid drying. 5, wood, furniture industry: products are polishing brush, scrub brush, capped brush, paint brush, drawing machine brush.

the use of industrial brushes

the use of anti-static nylon brush wire, wood flooring, furniture and other surface dust, can not static brush wire, so that the dust can be washed out of the equipment effectively removed.

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