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Tongcheng Yao days of the brush Limited

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Tongcheng Yaotian brush Co. Ltd. is located in the picturesque scenery, outstanding people, known as mountain grass, dream of Jiangnan reputation of Tongcheng Qingcao, Main: brush factory, Tongcheng brush factory, paint brush, brush brush manufacturers manufacturers, manufacturers, wholesale industry, paint brush, brush brush, barbecue food brush, brush, brush, glass steel plate elbow long handle brush, paint brush, hair brush, plastic handle, wooden handle brush paint and various industrial brushes, product variety, different styles, welcome to order! Yao days brush company aims: to market oriented, quality of survival, to update and development. Win customers with first class reputation. The company has a complete, scientific quality management system, Yao man carefully crafted Milky Way horse brand, so that Yao days brush industry refresh every day. Company warmly welcome people from all walks of life at home and abroad come to visit the company, guidance and business negotiation. Telephone hotline: 0556-6080185, contact: Ye Wengai